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director movie/commercial year since 2011 role-play with Mieke Schymura  born: 27.04.1992  birthplace: berlin  nationality: german height: 182  hair: brown eyes: brown dress size: 48 (M)  shoes: 43  city: berlin  stay options: Hannover, Graz  languages: german(perfect), englisch(good)  skills: acrobatic(5j), karate(12j), parkour/freerunning spezial skills:  stunts, stunt fighting driving license: B, M, A  education: 2012: camera acting workshop with Maren-Kea Freese  2012: acting class with Rainer Adler   2011 acting workshop with Gabriele Selke  Du kaufst  GmbH  See  yours  Hendrik Holler  Mann  Crazy  Manuel Cortez  Da Rythm.  GmbH